On the Malá Strana side of the river, this islet is not just a pretty little oasis but offers some great dining choices.

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Kampa Island

A lovely island retreat in the middle of the Moldau River.

One of Prague's most romantic corners, Kampa is a little island snuggled up to Malá Strana, its tip crossed by the Charles Bridge, and has been called one of the world's three most beautiful city islands. Strolling its picturesque streets you'll pass restored medieval watermills such as the Grand Prior's Mill, with a waterwheel eight metres (26 feet) in circumference, and some of the most inviting and special restaurants in the city. And by the way, once you're ready to head over into Malá Strana proper, just a couple of blocks away, at Velkopřevorské Náměstí (Grand Priory Square) is a cool landmark of more recent vintage, the so-called John Lennon Wall, which became a symbol of pacifist resistance against the communist dictatorship in the 1980s and is still filled with inspiring artwork and graffitti inspired by the "give-peace-a-chance" Beatle.

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