On a plateau overlooking the city, it's a leafy, scenic getaway - have a beer, go to a museum, check out a splendid city panorama.

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Letná Park

Leafy acres with a long history and a spectacular view.

A 52-hectare (128-acre) park offering beautiful panoramic views from a plateau over the city, Letná is popular with locals for outdoor activities (unsurprisingly, you'll find scores of skaterboarders), and wooded with an abundance of firs, plane trees, poplars, and willows. It's of some historical interest, as well; given its strategic location, the area was used as a military training camp, and later it would be used for, among other things, vineyards and quarrying. As of the end of the 19th century, different exhibition pavillions were built up here, such as the Hanavsky Pavillion (1891) and the Expo 58 Pavillion which represented Communist Czechoslovakia at the Brussels World's Fair. Speaking of which, Letná was also an important spot for demonstrations during the Velvet Revolution that toppled Communism. Also up here are playgrounds, a beer garden, and the National Technical Museum.

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