Gardens, vineyard, restaurant, and a lookout tower with fabulous aerial views over Prague. Great for families and/or outdoors-lovers.

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Petřín Hill

Rising over the city, a bucolic getaway.

If you'd like a spot of peace and quiet in nature and/or you're traveling with little ones, Petřín is a lovely choice. In Malá Strana across the Moldau from central Prague, you can climb its gentle 140-metres (460-foot) slope on foot through its pretty gardens (there's a vineyard up here, too), or via funicular (on Ujezd Street) and do the strolling on the way down. At the top is a 60-metre (197-foot) observation tower which offers probably the best bird's eye view over Prague going; inspired by and resembling the Eiffel Tower, it was built for a big world's fair in 1891. There's also a nice restaurant up here on Petřín called Nebozízek.

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