Prague Astronomical Clock

One of the city's most colourful wonders, with an hourly parade that invariably attracts a crowd.

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Prague Astronomical Clock

A magical medieval icon.

One of the city's most beautiful, striking, and beloved attractions, the famous Prague Astronomical Clock is the defining feature of the Old Town City Hall, built in 1490 by a master clockmaker named Hanuš. There are three basic components: a circular calendar, an astronomical dial, and a series of animated figures. Its lower sphere holds the city coat of arms and the calendar, with paintings by Josef Mánes illustrating the months of the year and including four sculptures of an orator, a philosopher, an astronomer, and an angel. The astronomical quadrant on the upper section represents the orbits of the sun and moon. And above it all - and for many, the best part - every hour on the hour, animated figures of Christ's 12 apostles show themselves.

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