A fascinating angle on society through its toys - plus a boffo Barbie collection!

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Toy Museum

Up at the Castle, two floors full of classic toys!

The world's second-largest toy museum is right here in the Prague Castle complex, a two-story building at Jiřská 4 next to the Loblowicz Palace and around the corner from Golden Lane. The seven rooms and seventy displays show off an impressive collection, mostly from Europe and North America, dating back more than 150 years. Most of the items come from the collection of the reknowned Czech-German caricaturist/director Ivan Steiger, including wood and tin soldiers, animals, dolls and dollhouses, teddy bears - and if you're a Barbie girl, check out the Barbie world here, with everything from the first model to some of the the latest (e.g. pregnant and "Catwoman").

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