Don't miss out on the unique corner dedicated to traditional games for children.

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Calle La Ronda

Bohemia par excellence

As soon as you step foot on this street, you'll see why it's known locally as the most bohemian street in the city. For many years, its unique, free-spirited atmosphere has been kept alive by a vibrant community of street musicians and artists. Its golden days were back in the 1930s, when poets, authors, painters and musicians would meet here every day to hone their craft. Today, it is home to a range of pretty artisan shops and restaurants, serving the best of the city's gastronomy. The corner dedicated to traditional games for children is a definite highlight, with puppets, rag dolls, yo-yos and hopscotch; a real treat for the little ones. What's more, in the evenings La Ronda comes alive with bars, terraces and restaurants that extend a warm welcome to all visitors, creating a magical and enticing atmosphere.

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