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Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

In one word? Grandiose

Interestingly, the Church of the Society of Jesus, which is the main Jesuit church in the city, has several names: Templo de Salomón a América del Sur, the Ascua de Oro or El Mejor Templo Jesuítico del Mundo; the latter, (the best Jesuit church in the world) after the sheer beauty of the building and the treasures to be found inside. However, it is known locally as simply 'La Compañía'. The architecture is the best example of baroque style in the country and perhaps even the entire continent. Built from local volcanic stone, it has a very unique tone and colour graduation, and its artistic relics are nothing short of spectacular. A real must during your time in Quito, you'll be amazed at the main altarpiece by Bernardo de Legarda and the numerous pillars, domes, vaults and decorative elements lavishly coated in gold leaf.

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