A real must for collectors, with commemorative pieces for sale.

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Museo Numismático

Over 13,000 coins!

The former building of the Pichincha Bank, later the Central Bank of Ecuador, is today home to the highly interesting Museo Numismático. This Neoclassical museum houses a collection of over thirteen thousand coins from the pre-Colombian period to present day. It not only covers the development of the Ecuadorian currency, but also explains ancient types of exchange and bartering and the subsequent development of money. Visitors can also buy medals, catalogues and commemorative pieces, making this museum a must for collectors. The impressive building was built in 1916 and forms part of the World Heritage Site thanks to its architectural importance. It is located in the heart of the capital, opposite the 'La Compañía' church, making it impossible to miss when exploring the city centre.

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