The secrecy around this recipe nearly put an end to these sugary delights.

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Quito sweets

Colaciones: a closely guarded secret

Colaciones are an original Quito creation and perhaps the best-kept secret of any local family; shrouded in so much secrecy, they have come close to disappearing all together. They are made from honey and peanuts or almonds, along with other ingredients like lemon, sugar and some secret elements added by each family, rolled into a small white ball. The flavour, which is very sweet, is unique as you'll never find two that are quite the same, which is true secret of their success. In the centre of the city, specifically on the streets Bolívar and Chimborazo, you'll find a shop called Las Colaciones de la Cruz Verde. Since 1915, this family business has been making batches of these delightful sweets on a daily basis. However, the family recipe dates back much further. Are you going to leave Quito without trying one of its most traditional delicacies?

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