If you have time, take a boat trip to Niterói

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Crossing Guanabara Bay

Río, but from a different perspective

The city of Niterói is located just in front of Río de Janeiro, although Guanabara Bay separates the two. As a matter of fact, Niterói is considered as the capital’s little sister, and its residents tend to call themselves Cariocas (the Portuguese word for Río’s native inhabitants). You can get there by road via the 14km bridge connecting both sides of the bay. The centre of the bridge lifts into a huge central arc, 800 metres wide and 80 metres high, which allows large merchant boats to get into Guanabara. However, following the tradition of most of the residents that make the crossing daily, we suggest you use the ferries. Departing every 15 minutes (or less during peak times) from Estaçao de Barcas in Río (www.barcas-sa.com.br), the trip takes approximately 20 minutes, and is worth it just for the spectacular views of the Río coastline. There are also boats to nearby Ilha de Boa Viagem, connected to Niterói by a footbridge, with an impressive ancient fort and Boa Viagem Church. It is also a place filled with charm.

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