Take a rest in this park while listening to some local music

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Live Music in Catete Park

A place to relax and enjoy yourself

Made up of vast green areas and enormous trees, this is one of the most important areas of Brazilian history, where you will most certainly find a peaceful haven. Located next to the Republic Palace and the Republic Museum, it is a perfect place to soak up the tranquility for a few minutes, before resuming your visit to Río de Janeiro. It is also great for enjoying live music from makeshift local artists, who you will find at all hours of the day making music with their instruments or acting out dramatic plays. It is by no means the only place in the city where you will come across young people trying to earn a living through their artistic talent, but it is one of the best ways to enjoy the shows in a calm environment. Furthermore, it is a space that accommodates for all types of people. During the weekends, one of the corners of the park acts as a children's play area, filled with dozens of Brazilian children eager to play with anything they can get their hands on, while the adults enjoy some snacks and live music at a nearby Belle Époque style restaurant.

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