Maracaná, the Famous Football Stadium

Do not miss the opportunity to experience a football match in Maracaná, even better if it’s 2014!

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Maracaná, the Famous Football Stadium

Brazil's football temple

Although its official name is Jornalista Mário Filho Stadium, it is more popularly known as Maracaná ( Its informal name gives meaning to 'Maracanazo' – a word which will trigger any football fan to think back to the famous 1950s match, when Uruguay were crowned World Champions in front of the Brazilian team. This stadium is the biggest in the world, with a capacity sometimes surmounting 200,000 spectators, and is in the São Cristovão neighbourhood. It was built for the 1950 World Cup, in which, in a game narrated by Matías Prats Senior, Zarra gave Spain one of the most memorable moments in football history with his famous goal against England. On one of the daily guided tours, you can walk on the grass and see the hallways and locker rooms of this football temple, although it is much more exciting to go to a match involving either of Río de Janeiro's most successful teams - Flamengo and Fluminense. Because of the second Brazil World Cup, which will be celebrated in 2014, the stadium has been the focus of a huge rennovation, which includes the building of a roof similar to that of the Amsterdam Arena and other modern European stadiums. Its capacity has also been sensibly reduced to just under 79,000 seats.

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