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Quinze de Novembro Square

The oldest square in the city

This is one of the most characteristic places in the centre of Río de Janeiro, boasting various artistic, historical and cultural treasures. Firstly, Chafariz do Mestre Valentim, a mid-18th century, neoclassical style fountain which was initially situated in Largo de Paço. Decades later it was moved to the seaside area of the square, although currently it is centrally located due to the successive extensions it has undergone. Beside the area's decorative gardens, the social hub during the colonial period, stands the Paço Imperial, once a royal residence after the arrival of the Portuguese Monarchy in 1808. In front of this building is Tiradentes Palace, another great example of Río's neoclassical style,and whose name pays tribute to one of the first leaders of the Brazilian Liberation Movement. Currently used as a place to hold conferences and conventions, it is located next to São José Church, constructed between 1808 and 1824. Completing the square is the Barcas ferry terminal, from which ferries depart to Ilha Paquetá and Niterói, and the Espaço Cultural da Marinha.

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