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Stroll Through Cinelândia

Río's biggest public square

Its official name is Floriano Square, in honour of Floriano Vieira Peixoto the second Brazilian president, and who the large monument in the square is dedicated to. It spans out over a large area in the centre of Río de Janeiro, with Mahatma Gandhi Square on one side, in homage to the historic Hindu leader. This small landscaped square also has a large central fountain and a statue of the precursor of peaceful resistance. The skyscrapers that surround the area were erected during the mid-20th century and vary in style - eclectic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and neoclassical. They have given the area a unique architectural ensemble, in which stands the Municipal Theatre (www.theatromunicipal.rj.gov.br). Completing the image are other iconic official buildings such as the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Library and the City Chambers. The name Cinelândia became popular amongst the locals in the 1930s when the square ,filled with theatres, clubs, restaurants and auditoriums, became the epicentre of Río's cultural life. A lot has changed since then. For one, due to the increasing number of large shopping complexes, the number of films being shown at the Odeon (www.grupoestacao.com.br), also called the Odeon BR or Petrobrás, has dwindled.

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