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Behind the quick hip movements and bursts of Carnival colour appearing on our television screens from the other side of the Atlantic, there are hours and hours of effort and coordination involved. All the behind-the-scenes preparation takes place in the Samba Schools, and intensifies in the weeks leading up to the Carnival celebrations. In these schools, the routines that will be performed in the Sambadrome are repeated over and over. This spectacle is one to rival the Carnival itself. Almost all Samba Schools in Río de Janeiro allow visits for curious onlookers (some prepaid and others free of charge), with the night usually ending in everyone dancing wildly to the Batucada rhythm. Amongst the most popular schools are Mangueira (www.mangueira.com.br), whose rehearsals are on Saturday nights on Visconde de Niterói Street, Beija-Flor (www.beija-flor.com.br) and Salgueiro, open on Friday nights and located respectively in Pracinha Wallace Paes and Silva Teles Street. However, it is only worth a visit for those with no inhibitions, who love music, and just want to have a good time.

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