A walk to the Piazza del Quirinale (Quirinale Square)

See its monuments and, if your visit coincides with the timetable, a curious changing of the guard.

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A walk to the  Piazza del Quirinale (Quirinale Square)

If you want to know where the President of the Republic lives

One of the pleasures of Rome is the walk to this Quirinale Sqsuare, the former bastion of the Ancient Roman Empire and the square where you can see today's residence, where all the Republican Presidents have lived. As usual, the great monuments crown the hills that overlook the city. Perhaps with the intention of looking out for any possible foreign invasions. Whatever the reason, Quirinale Square holds a large number of monuments. Among them: the sculpture of Castor and Pollux (ancestral brothers and keepers of the city) and the obelisk placed near them, brought from Augustus Mausoleum and Constantine's Thermal Baths, both from the Imperial era. In front is, the Quirinale Palace, an enormous construction from the end of the Middle Ages, erected as the Pope's Residence and which is the Government's Residence since the unification of Italy. Every day, at 15:00 hr there is a change of the guard, at the entrance. Although it is not as popular as others, it is a pleasure to listen to the band during the parade.

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