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Appia Antica Regional Park

Rome's Greenbelt

The Via Appia is the beginning of the Roman Empire. It was the first road built with the intention of connecting Rome, the capital of the Empire, with other conquered cities. Which, in this case were Capua and Brindisi. It was an essential point for trade routes. This ancientRoman highway hides much more history than it seems. It was built in the IV century BC by the consul Appius Claudius (hence the origin of its name). With the arrival of Christianity as the Empire's official religion during Constantine's reign, new laws banned burials within the city. Thus, they began to erect a large number of mausoleums at the side of the road. All these funeral buildings have come down to us, and along with them, a large amount of Roman ruins and testimonies that can be visited in this park. Its vast territory (nearly 18 kilometres) and the lush vegetation surrounding it is what makes it the second largest green area in Europe with almost 40,000 hectares. For your information, every Sunday traffic is banned on one of the routes, which is reserved for the exclusive use of pedestrians, so we recommend that you go there for a walk on one of those days.

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