An impressive route connected to Ancient Rome, and which is over 2,000 years old

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Appian Way (Via Appia)

"The Appian Way is commonly known as the Queen of the long Roman roads"

The first motorway in the world is the Appian Way, and it is more than 2,000 years old. It was built in the 312 B.C. This paved road was decisive for the Roman Empire. You will have often heard the expression that all roads lead to Rome, well, these enormous Roman constructions made it possible. At a time when construction methods were totally primitive, the Roman Empire was able to erect a network of paved roads, the backbone being the Appian Way (Via Appia) that connected and united the vast Empire. It connected the city of Rome with Brindisi, where the port was situated, which connected them to Greece. Brindisi was a very important commercial route for the Empire. This road has a plethora of historical events, myths and legends it could tell about the city. It is said that St Peter and St Paul came this way to Rome, and the first Christians came to receive them. What is true, is that a large number of Roman tombs have been found by the roadsides because the city laws did not allow burials within the city. Now, the entire Ancient Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) park is one of the great Roman parks where you can walk.

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