Although its history is not admired by many, that does not prevent it from being a very important piece of the city architecture

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Arch of Titus

The controversial Arch of Titus

This tribute to the Roman emperor is shameful for the Jews. In fact it is known that the Jewish community, who live in or visit the Italian capital avoid it. We will explain why. In 67 AD, Titus, the future emperor, led a movement against the Jews, which resulted in the First Roman Jewish War and led to the burning of Jerusalem. Several years after the end of the conflict, the Empire named him Emperor, in 79 AD, partly because of this kind of victory. Following his death, only two years after Titus became Emperor, in the year 81 AD, this monument was built in his honour. There is a legend about this construction that any Jew who walks under the arch will cease to be a Jew and will no longer be recognized as such. Apart from the legends, that is the reason why, despite time passing by, the Jewish community still feels ashamed of this arch. Leaving aside the conflicts, the Arch of Titus is located on the Via Sacra. With these constructions the Empire showed its people the strength and power of their country and its army.

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