Arco de Constantino (Arch of Constantine)

One oddity is that it was built with materials from other monuments

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Arco de Constantino (Arch of Constantine)

It is the most modern triumphal arch in Rome

The Arch of Constantine is situated between the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. As you can see, you can hardly move in Rome without coming across monuments from the time of the Roman Empire. We have been very fortunate that their architecture was so advanced, and a large part of their work has withstood time. It is the most modern triumphal arch erected in Rome. It was constructed in 315 AD to commemorate the victory of the Great Constantine I, in the Milvian River battle. Despite being one of the largest (it is 21 metres high and 25 long and has three arches), it is the best example of Roman construction. The Empire's flag was its army, it was no wonder, they achieved the best of all times. It was used to keep people in order. That is to say, there was a double message: this type of building showed that the Romans were part of the largest empire in the world and, at the same time, that they had to be obedient. That is why the whole city is full of all kinds of monuments and homages to wars, battles and the army.

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