Casa di Goethe (House of Goethe). Alternative Circuit.

An alternative site in Rome where you can enjoy the works of Goethe, a lover of Rome

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Casa di Goethe (House of Goethe). Alternative Circuit.

Visit the home of the author of Faust

In the Via del Corso Nº 18, very near the Piazza del Popolo Goethe's home, one of the most important figures in XVIII-XIX century literature, the creator of romanticism and author of Faust. In 1786 the poet moved to Rome, where he founded a meeting place in his home, for writers and artists of that era. Goethe was a very politically active person, and, due to that, left a great mark on the city. Also. he always expressed his love for the city of Roma, to which he left his residence in his will after his death. Thus, the capital of Italy took over, and founded the Casa Di Goethe (The House of Goethe) , with a permanent exhibition about the writer's life and work. It is one of the most important romance art centres in the world because, among other things, the author left a great number of documents, drawings and manuscripts, as well as a complete library with everything that influenced him Now this centre also organizes other temporary exhibitions of artists either related to the author or the movement. It is one of the most important places in the world for romance art, and it is one of the least known in Rome.

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