If you have a few days, don't miss visiting this stunning volcanic lake and the villages around it

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Lake Bracciano

An oasis surrounded by Medieval Villages

The Bracciano Lake is a dream lake, a gift from a volcano. 32 kilometres from Roma, these marshes, were created by the volcanic movement of tectonic plates. But don't be afraid, it is an oasis of peace and quiet, an enormous pool of clean, crystal clear water, surrounded by beautiful medieval villages. From the waters, you can see Bracciano, as if it was watching over the lake, and Trevignano and Anguillara are behind. These villages were built in Roman times but along the streets you can see many medieval fortifications and buildings, which were widely used in the battles due to their position. Due to being at a high altitude, and well hidden, armies could see the enemy approaching. In fact Bracciano has a strange, spectacular Orsini-Odeschalchi Castle, which is believed the be from the X century, though it may be earlier. A curiosity for cinema lovers: the famous actors,Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married there. All of these villages are full of gardens and pebbled streets and are surrounded by a vast forest, which surrounds the lake. It is one Rome's best kept secrets and, in summer, it is an oasis of peace and nature.

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