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Mercado de Via Sannio, focusing on clothes.

Get lost in this street market

In Rome the culture and tradition of street markets are widespread. There are a lot of different types of markets at different times, all over the city. That is why it is good to be able to choose. In these markets you can find big, bargains and above all, articles that are unique. The Sannio market is one of those places that is not overcrowded, where you can find a lot of bargains, while walking around the stalls. It is in the Via Sannio below the Aurelian walls. Although it is not in the centre of town, there are various buses available (118, 87, 16, 81, 13 y 15). This market has been working since the end of WW2. Although it started off as a clothes market, nowadays you can find all sorts of accessories, household goods, and there are even stalls that have nothing to do the fashion world, such as books and records. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and even though it is quite well known, you can walk around the stalls without crowds iand hassle. The sales people are usually friendly and patient, so you don't have to worry about clarifying any doubts.

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