This attractive village is situated on a rock, of volcanic origin and has the most important Italian Gothic Cathedral

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The village on a rock

There are some Italian villages that are 50 metres above ground level One of them is Orvieto. That is why it is one of the most unique places in Italy. It is a hamlet of prehistoric origin on an enormous stone summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff. Also, the whole surrounding area is a huge green plain. This makes the view from the hamlet even more impressive. It is one of the most ancient settlements in all of Italy. No one knows the exact time of the first settlement, but it was definitely long before the time of the Roman Empire, in fact, it is thought that it may go back as far as the Bronze Age. All the old town is worth seeing but the cathedral is a must: from the XIV century, it is considered to be a great Italian Gothic masterpiece. Its wines and spirits also have a recognised reputation and you can try them in any of the bars and cafés scattered around the hamlet.

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