Walking around this area will give you an idea of the commercial power of Ancient Rome

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Port of Ostia

The ancient port entrance to Rome

This iconic harbour is a great place to hideaway on hot days in Rome. Despite being 35 kilometres away from the city, that you can reach it on the underground, it is not a particularly tourist area, as far as beaches are concerned. The beaches are not as spectacular as other parts of Italy, but there are several kilometres of beaches. This port, which was restored in XIX century, is a pleasant network of boats, walks, and the Mediterranean, along with memories of the splendour of the Empire which remain in its docks. During the time's of the emperors Julius and Claudius, the Empire went to where the sun went down and all the boats with their merchandise came into this port, which was another entrance to the city. The ships docked at the wharf and began the trade route, which ended at the Roman Forum. Ostia became a very crowded city, but now, when you walk around there, it feels as if it is a magic area that has been forgotten.

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