Important treasures conserved inside, like the XII century mosaics

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San Clemente

Temple on Temple

Time has stopped inside the Basilica of San Clemente. The secrets of the Roman civilization are kept inside. This Sanctuary was built in the Middles Ages, around XII century. However, a few years ago it was discovered that it was built on an earlier temple. A temple erected in the IV century, dedicated to Saint Clement. The remains of this I century Pope are there. He was said to be one of the defenders of Christianity, when it was still persecuted in Rome. Just for your information, this pope was the person who introduced the word Amen into the Church liturgy. But the story does not end there. Archaeological research in the basilica discovered that there was a third secret temple beneath the floor of the previous ones. An ancient I century secret temple, dedicated to Mithra, a Persian God. It is said that Christian rituals were held there when paganism reigned and Christianity was prohibited throughout the Empire. You can go down the stairs to this third floor, and imagine the meetings of these early Christians, who were persecuted until the IV century.

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