Ancient race track, where up to twelve chariots competed

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The Circus Maximus

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The Circus Maximus will make you feel really small and insignificant. It is hard to believe that in 600 BC the Roman Empire constructed this enormous stadium, that was 600 metres long and 250 metres wide. Of course at first, they used the valley between the mountains of Palatine and Aventine, so that spectators could sit on the hillside slopes. However, around the I century A.D. with the popular emperor Julius Caesar, there was seating for 300,000 spectators; which is triple the capacity of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where Real Madrid play! Now you can go into the circus, walk between the seats and recreate the famous chariot races. There have been a lot of films, which have tried to re-create these races, the best known is the scene that was filmed in the Circus Maximus from Ben Hur. This enormous ellipse was also used for the presentation and coronation of new emperors, which were attended by the whole city. As time went by people lost interest and it finally became a quarry. However, it is still one of the most amazing places from the Roman legacy.

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