A festival of religious origin, which neither Italians nor tourists want to miss because of the lively atmosphere.

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The Noantri festival

Enjoy some traditional festivities during your trip

If your trip to Rome is near 16th July, the Noantri festival is held in the Trastevere neighbourhood. These festivities last for two weeks and are one of the city's most popular traditional celebrations. It is strange that, despite being a religious festival, in honour of the Virgin del Carmen, few people celebrate it in this sense, indeed, a lot of young people are unaware of its origin. The whole neighbourhood is full of lights accompanying a procession, which will exhibit the Virgin of the Church of Santa Agatha during a week. You can visit it in the Piazza Sonnino (Sonino Square). During the day, there is live music in all the streets and flea markets and many cultural and street activities. At night the "improvised" bars are full, until the wee small hours, with a mixture of all kinds of public. Young people who do not take part in the celebration of the Virgin del Carmen, pious Roman believers, curious tourists, and people who live in the neighbourhood.

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