It is possibly one of Rome's most charming areas

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The Trastevere Area

Cross the Tiber and go back in time

The Trastevere is Rome's bohemian neighbourhood. Throughout history this part of the city has always been the alternative area, a different style. Just the name in itself tells us that things here are different. Trastevere comes from the expressionBeyond the Tiber, which meanson the other side of the Tiber. During the Late Empire this was where all non Christian cultures settled. Later, the Popes decided to erect three churches to show who was in charge in Rome. As a result, you can now see the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Porta San Pancrazio and the Church of San Pietro in Montorio, which is an emblematic place in Rome, because, according to Christian tradition, it is the place where St. Peter was crucified. This whole neighbourhood has a different atmosphere to Rome, there is a jumble of medieval houses on the Roman road, there is still a lot of vegetation growing because it is on the banks of the river. At night, it is one of the centres of Roman night life. Sitting dining on one of the terraces beside the River Tiber, is one of the pleasures of being in Rome.

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