Via Margutta and handicrafts

Even if you don't want to buy artisan goods, it is worth visiting this magic place while you are in Rome.

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Via Margutta and handicrafts

Curious street full of art

This curious and narrow street is known as the artists' and artisans' street. It is known as one of the shopping streets but it has an atmosphere of its own, and is different from the rest. There is a mixture, on one side and the other of the street, of art galleries, craft shops, stores with bargain furniture and antiques and seamstress workshops belonging to local companies, second hand record shops and cafés. This has been one of the most famous and valued streets in Rome, because it has been in a lot of films. Among them is Roman Holiday directed by William Wyler, who gave Audrey Hepburn her first leading role with Gregory Peck. The scenes of the couple in this film have remained in the memory of Rome. It was also the usual residence of artists, like Federico Fellini, Stravinsky, Picasso and Puccini. Oddly enough the name refers to a dirty river that also served as the city sewer. After its transformation, it is now full of trees and vineyards and is one of the magic areas of the eternal city.

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