Speedy service is not one of its strong points, but the food is exquisite and well worth the wait.

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Caravan Restaurant

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Near the Fontanka River on Voznesensky Avenue, there is a restaurant that has been a big name on the city’s restaurant scene for over a decade: The Caravan. It might not have the most elegant or luxurious decor, but the Caravan has a really unique atmosphere and the quirky feel of dining inside a caravan. The most surprising feature of this restaurant is the Arabian camel you'll find in one of the rooms (which isn't actually real of course). It specialises in dishes from Uzbekistan and the Caucasus region and the prices will suit any budget. We recommend trying the special grills and the cheburek (a type of pasty filled with minted meat). As for the service, it can be a little slow but the excellent food is worth the wait.

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