The city is full of sculptures of cats, which has something to do with the Second World War. Can you guess what?

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Cats in Malaya Sadovaya Street

Historic meows.

As you go about exploring the city, you'll see various sculptures of cats. This is because nearly all the cats in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) died in the Second World War and in 1943, an emergency shipment of two train wagons full of cats was sent to the city from Moscow. The most famous are in the city centre at the start of Malaya Sadovaya Street, where each cat has its own name. Here, you'll find the statue of a cat called Elisey on the cornice of the famous chocolate shop, Eliseevsky. The statue of Vasilisa is on the other side of the street and Tishka can be find at number 34 Marata Street (also on a cornice), which is a painters' workshop. There are more cat statues dotted around the city; just take a look around, or rather up, to find them.

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