Red furnishings and music are the order of the day in this lively restaurant that offers a revived range of traditional dishes.

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Na Zdorovie! Restaurant

To your health!

To your health is the cheery toast you'll hear at this restaurant, which has adopted the expression as its name. The first thing you'll notice as you step through the door is the colourful decor: the chair covers with multi-coloured geometrical shapes, the unique and cheerful tablecloths and the bright red walls. What's more, the live music also adds to the vibrant atmosphere. This is another of the many restaurants in the city that serve traditional Russian food. We recommend the typical Russian drink known as kvas (which is like our beer) or mors (a sweet drink made with berry juice). The great thing about this place is that many of the dishes are based on age-old recipes that have been long forgotten in other restaurants. Na Zdorovie! also offers live music on certain nights.

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