This museum should satisfy even the most insatiable art fans with its collection of over 400,000 works!

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State Russian Museum


This is the first state museum in Saint Petersburg in terms of Russian art. Commissioned in 1895 by Czar Nicholas II, it didn’t official open until 1898. Today, the museum exhibits a large collection of art while also serving as a famous restauration centre, research centre and one of the largest education centres in Russia. If you like painting and sculpture then you won't want to miss this museum with over 400,000 pieces dedicated to Russian artists. The collection dates from the 18th to the 20th century, with work by artists such as Fidelio Bruni or Aivzovsky through to the likes of Rylov, Fomin or Ossovsky. The museum is next to the Summer Gardens, which are also worth a visit and offer free entry, while the normal entry price for the museum is 8 euros.

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