One of Santa Cruz's most typical architectural features - the Old Town wouldn't be the same without them

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Balconies of Santa Cruz

Symbols in glass and wood

As you stroll the cobblestone streets of Santa Cruz de la Palma's more historic precincts, you'll notice among the most distinctive architectural features are its balconies, crafted centuries ago by mostly mainland artisans in a variety of styles. Carved in "tea" wood with crystal jalousie windows, these balconies also have a backstory, as a symbol of rebellion by islanders against prohibitions by the governments of Charles V and Phillip II against constructing any projecting structures that would block streets. The prettiest are of course concentrated in the "historic-artistic" district of Santa Cruz's Old Town, roughly from Plaza de Santo Domingo to Plaza de España and Plaza de la Alameda - in particular streets such as O'Daly and Anselmo Pérez de Brito. These balconies receive extra special attention once every five years when they are gaily decorated to mark the Virgin of the Snows being brought down to the city from its sanctuary.

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