A pair of marvelous beaches as well as a spot at the far south where the sunsets will blow your socks off

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Beaches and Sunsets in South La Palma

Worth heading south out of Santa Cruz

Apart from various volcanoes, the southern areas of La Palma are home to some truly spectacular beaches. Head southward toward Punta de Fuencaliente, a bit over 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Santa Cruz. You'll come to Las Indias, in an area full of banana fields where you'll find two lovely swimming spots, beaches Playa Chica and Playa de la Zamora, separated from each other by rocks that can be crossed during low tide. A bit farther south you'll find the so-called "raya del viento" (wind line), the point where the island's east-coast currents meet its west-coast currents - and one of the best spots on La Palma to enjoy a truly incredible sunset.

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