Once a daily staple, taro is still very popular in many local dishes

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Canarian Taro

A terrific tuber, ubiquitous across La Palma

The plant with the enormous leaves that produces the carby tuber known as red-stem taro (here called ñame) has a centuries-long history on La Palma as a dietary staple. In times past, taro root even substituted at times for bread, and in any case it became a central ingredient in much of Canarian cuisine, often accompanied by cheese, milk, and perhaps a bit of meat. The local diet has certainly expanded enormously, but taro remains a major product and culinary ingredient, for example in various kinds of soups, stews, and even desserts (this last often accompanied by honey). Most taro is produced in localities north of Santa Cruz such as San Andrés and Los Sauces, but taro dishes are served all over.

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