Harking back into Canarian history with a vintage-Cuba-themed street party

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Carnaval/The Indianos

Carnaval with a twist

Though the Carnaval celebrations of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are more nationally and internationally famous, La Palma's own version is also of great interest to visitors - and comes with its own interesting twist. The central event of the festivities is called the Arrival of the Indianos, celebrating the return of island immigrants to Cuba and the Americas, having made their fortunes and flaunting said fortunes back home. So the locals come out dressed in old-timey Cuban finery (featuring lots of white suits, hats, and parasols) and carouse to the sounds of Cuban music from loudspeakers throughout downtown. Another fun aspect of the party is that they douse each other with talcum powder - an homage to the old custom among dark-skinned Cuban upper classes of lightening the epidermis.

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