Now a cultural centre, with a Baroque façade, richly adorned interior, and lovely courtyard.

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Casa Principal de Salazar

One of the most famous aristocratic palazzos in town

Santa Cruz de la Palma's main high street, Calle O'Daly, is home to a number of aristocratic palazzos and townhouses, of families like Arce y Rojas, Pereyra, and García Aguilar. The most famous - and possibly most handsome - of all is the Casa Principal de Salazar, built in 1631-1642 by a family originally from Burgos on the Spanish mainland. Behind its elegant Baroque façade is a richly adorned interior and courtyard ringed by lovely wooden balconies. Special mention is due to the rosettes decorating its friezes, as well as the central balcony, constructed in forged steel and exhibiting the coat of arms of the Salazar family in marble. The house is now property of the La Palma government and operates as a cultural centre.

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