A reserve whose stars are a dynamic trio of volcanoes

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Cumbre Vieja Natural Park

Volcanos 'R' Us

Occupying nearly the entire lower half of La Palma, the Parque Natural de Cumbre Vieja ("Old Peak") is the island's most visited nature reserve after Taburiente Caldera. Its primary draw is the island's most important volcanoes, El Charco, San Antonio, and Teneguía - this last the youngest of the three as well as the most recent to erupt, in 1971. There are various ways in, both hiking and by car (there's even a Route of the Volcanoes which connects the trio). This is still considered Spain's most active volcanic region - in fact the lava spewn over the centuries by these three volcanoes has increased the island's land area by some 300,000 square metres (74 acres).

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