Its malty flavour isn't for everyone, but give it a try at least once in a large choice of dishes

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Gofio, A Unique Island Staple

Made with manioc flour, definitely an acquired taste

Some visitors to the Canary Islands don't quite know what to make of the dark doughy stuff that islanders commonly serve as a side dish - especially at breakfast. Called gofio and made from manioc flour, like the taro root it was a ubiquitous and very nutritious staple for centuries that has remained popular even as Canarians' diets have long since improved vastly. It has a malty flavour and gooey consistency that many consider and acquired taste, but you can give it a try in various forms such as escaldado (with beef or fish broth or vegetable stew), en escacho (with potatoes, cheese, green pepper, salt, oregano, and onion); and with chicharrones (fried pork chunks).

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