As a volcanic isle awash in the Atlantic, La Palma boasts fabulous views galore - along with overlooks from which to appreciate them

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La Palma Overlooks

Bird's-eye views

Overlooks have been built on many of the highest points throughout the Canary Island archipelago, offering breathtaking panoramas of beaches, hills, forests, volcanoes, beaches, and more. Here on La Palma, one of the most notable is Lomo de las Chozas, a superb vantage point from which to survey the mountainous highlands of the northern Taburiente Caldera Park. A different perspective of this terrain can be had from the Los Roques overlook. In the island's far east, the Time overlook provides perfect views of the banana plantations covering the Aridane Valley. Meanwhile, up in the island's northwest, the Tagasaste overlook near the village of El Pinar is perfect for getting an eyeful of the rocky terrain in this part of La Palma.

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