The designs and colors of Tangier's mosques will wow you.

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A tour of the mosques

The charms of Tangier

Although if you're not Muslim, you won't be able to enter the mosques in the city, they're certainly worth visiting for the chance to admire and photograph their fantastic façades and minarets. For insight into Islamic culture, there is nothing like watching the faithful entering to pray (currently loudspeakers issue the call to prayer). When you're in the Grand Souk in one of the corners of 9 April 1947 Square, you'll see the Sidi Bou Abid mosque with its high ceramic minaret. As you approach the Small Souk, towards the port, you'll find Tangier's Grand Mosque (Rue de la Marine), which is striking not only for its size but also because it was a place of worship of various civilizations for years. At one point it was even a cathedral! Over on Kouait Square, check out the Mohammed V mosque, and on Jamia El Arbia Square the Souriyine Mosque, also known as the Syrian mosque.

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