These walls have witnessed major historical events.

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Café de Paris

A café with history

While on your perambulations around the medina, you'll most likely want a spot of rest and/or refreshment, and an excellent choice is this café on Place de France, which was the first to be built outside the medina walls (in 1920) and became a popular meeting place during the city's 20th-century golden age. Despite being less than a century old, there's a lot of history and lore here - for example, it was a hangout for the likes of Francis Bacon, Samuel Beckett, and Tennessee Williams, as well as plenty of cloak-and-dagger types, as a nest of spies during World War II (shades of Rick's Café from Casablanca). In addition to all this history, you can head to the large back room to sit with a delicious mint tea on the terrace, with magnificent views out over the French consulate and the Strait of Gibraltar.

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