A medieval castle in the midst of Tangier's prime green space.

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Perdicaris Castle

The castle on the hill

About twenty minutes from the Grand Souk, you'll find a most unusual medieval castle on Sidi Masmoudi Street. Though unfortunately it's closed to the public today, it's well worth a visit for the chance to stroll through the gardens and admire the beautiful architecture of this building dating back to 1872. There's an interesting story, too: the original owner, Greek-American magnate Ion Perdicaris, had amassed a sizeable fortune in New York real estate. This proved too tempting, and so one summer while visiting with his son, Ion was kidnapped in one of the most famous such crimes of the twentieth century. It's truly special to find a castle like this with its Roman towers surrounded by mountain vegetation in a city like Tangier. Definitely a must-not-miss.

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