One of the oldest and tastiest attractions in town is a must for foodies.

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A venerable and mesmerizing outdoor food market.

One of the jewels of the city, this outdoor food market has been in existence since the 16th century, and whether they're here to gawk or pick up an edible souvenir or two, foodies in particular (but anyone who likes to eat) will be in gastronomic heaven here. The very freshest organic meats and produce, as well as spices and baked goods, both reflect the local cuisines of Central Europe and ranging farther afield to more exotic delicacies of Greece, Turkey, Croatia and even farther afield still, to places like China, Japan, and Vietnam. Throughout and surrounding the market are a great variety of cafés and restaurants to satisfy the hunger you're bound to feel after spending time roaming these aisles of temptation.

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