A popular, historic park which among other things pays homage to one of Vienna's most famous musical geniuses - in three-quarter time.

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Green spaces, statuary, and music.

The Wien River (an offshoot of the Danube) divides this roughly rectangular park, which begins at the historic Innere Stadt's Parkring and ends at Heumarkt street in district 3, an area of about 65,000 square metres (16 acres). Laid out in formal English landscape style in the mid-19th century, it includes various monuments to the great and good of Vienna. But perhaps the most notable was the golden statue raised in 1921 to Johan Strauss, the composer and waltz virtuoso who was perhaps also the most illustrious violinist in musical history. Here, too, you'll find the Kursalon, an 1867 concert hall that still hosts numerous concerts and ballet performances.

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