The local beermarking tradition is a rich one, with distinctive beers a bit on the sweet side; Gold Fassl is a good choice.

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Vienna's beer tradition

Excellent low-fermentation brews.

Vienna has a long and rich beer heritage, with particular expertise in low-fermentation beermaking; it was here in 1841 that Anton Dreher pioneered that variant. Since then, many different types of brews have been developed locally, prominent among them various sweet beers. The local Alpine climate produces beers different from standard lagers. A good example to try is the tasty, popular Gold Fassl, often accompanied by local sweets. On the other end of the spectrum is Eggenberger Urbock, a potent brew habitually quaffed with lunch. And of course you can always have a seat at any café in Prater Park, and enjoy a Gösser with a plateful of snacks as you watch Vienna go by.

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