If you've reached this page, you're probably planning to take a flight. We'd love to see you on board again! But before you fly, you should know that a number of our destinations require a certificate for a PCR test taken just a few hours or days before departure. This test and the certificate with the results are essential to be able to travel to certain countries.

With this in mind, Iberia has teamed up with Quirónprevención (a leading healthcare provider in Spain) to enable passengers to take a PCR test to detect coronavirus at any of the centres in the Quirónprevención network.

Quirónprevención will provide this service at a special price for Iberia customers.






Country requirements

Check here whether there are any restrictions you need to bear in mind when planning your trip.







Types of tests available

Results in a maximum of 24 to 48 hours at a cost of € 98.

Rapid test with results in less than an hour.

Get a PCR test so you are able to fly without restrictions in 3 easy steps






Where can I take a test?

All provincial capitals have Quirónprevención centres where you can take a test.

What type of tests are available and what do they consist of?

There are two types of tests:

PCR test
A PCR is a molecular test based on the detection of RNA for the SARS-CoV-2 virus by RT-PCR. This is currently the benchmark test for diagnosing the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the early stages of the disease. The molecular detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is very specific, so a positive result confirms the detection of the virus. A negative result does not always mean the virus is absent since it depends on the viral load of the sample. If a negative result is obtained for a patient suspected of being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this should be confirmed with a second test.

Rapid antigen test
This test looks for proteins, or antigens, found on the surface of the virus, to detect whether the person is infected at that moment in time. It provides essential information at a precise stage of the infection cycle when people are at greater risk of spreading the disease. It is therefore a useful tool for containing the spread of the virus. The turnaround time for results is very fast and they are available at the health centre where the test is taken.

These tests are highly reliable and have been approved by the health authorities in many countries.

In both cases, the sample is taken by nasal swab and there is no need to be tested on an empty stomach.

How much do the tests cost?

Thanks to the collaboration between Quirónprevención and Iberia, we can offer the test at the best price:

  • The PCR test has results in a maximum period of  24 to 48 horas and its cost is €98
  • The rapid antigen tests  have the results in less than 1 hour and its cost is €45

Consult their availability calling Quirónprevención.

What happens if I do not arrive in time to take a PCR?

If because of the date, the period in the destination or the place where you wish to make the test a PCR is not possible, you will be notified before contracting the service.

What happens to my flight if I test positive?

If the result of your PCR test is positive you will not be able to travel. In this case, please contact our Customer Service by telephone ((+34) 901 111 500), where you will be informed of the alternative options after formal confirmation and the application of the specific protocols for each case.

We also offer insurance covering cancellation due to COVID19 that may be purchased together with your ticket when you book your flight.

What do I need to travel from Spain?

A number of our destinations require a PCR test certificate to be able to access the country. This test will help you avoid restrictive measures being taken when you arrive at your destination so you can enjoy your trip.

You can check the requirements of each country on the map on this page or by calling +34 951 90 25 88.





What are the customer service hours for making an appointment?

Quirónprevención provides 24-hour customer service in Spanish and English.

Can I change my appointment?

Once the appointment is booked, you can modify it by calling the call center if you do so at least two hours before  the apponyment date. You can either reschedule it for the next 14 days or change the person to whom the appointment will be made. 

If the type of test contracted for the new appointment is greater than the one paid initially, you will have to pay the difference at the time of booking.

If after the cange, the test has not been performed after 14 days, you will lose the amount and you will not have the right to return the amount.

Can I contract the service if I haven't booked a flight with Iberia?

Yes, you can book a test through Quirónprevención customer service. However, Iberia customers who have booked a flight will have priority when appointments are assigned. Contact us to see when the service is available.

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