Humans possess the great ability to create our own reality, to imagine new and better opportunities. It is an inner force that propels us to transcend our limits. We call this ability or vocation talent.

At Iberia, we are truly passionate about Spanish talent, which is why we have launched Talent on Board, an initiative aiming to support and spread Spanish talent in all its manifestations.

Fashion, photography, music, art, and sports converge on to reflect on creativity, culture, fulfilled dreams and dreams to fulfil, and, of course, plenty of talent. Through this platform we want to pay a well-deserved tribute to Spanish artists and athletes, known or yet to be known, people who every day strive with enthusiasm to give the best of themselves.

We are aware there are many people in this country capable of creating something special. But we also know that for talent to shine it needs someone to make it fly. This is our mission and our commitment.


Let's make talent fly high!